Better know a UW-L office – CLS Dean’s Office

Did you know that when you have a question regarding advising you can call or email your Dean’s office for help? Peter, Kathy, Tim, and Sandy are happy to help you. Below you will see the specific majors each of us handle.

Tim Walls: works with Art, Theatre Arts, Music, English, Modern Languages, Communication Studies, and Philosophy majors – 785-6634

Sandy Keller: works with all Education students after they have been admitted to the School of Education – 785-8123

Kathy Elgin: works with our Psychology Majors – 785-5454

Peter Stovall: works with Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Women’s Studies majors as well as teacher candidates not yet admitted to the School of Education -785-8446

Besides providing advising support for faculty and students we also perform the following duties:

  • degree checks of all CLS graduates
  • enter substitutions/exceptions in students’ AR reports (upon consent of department chairs)
  • sign add/drop forms
  • consider appeals of academically ineligible students – we then work with these students to help them get into “good standing”
  • process change-of-program/plan forms
  • help students negotiate transfer credits – both before and after taking the transferred courses

One of our core responsibilities is to maintain the integrity of UW-L’s academic policies. Generally, we are not designated as a student’s official advisor – faculty and other Academic Advising units take on this role – however, we frequently meet one-on-one with students to help them understand and sometimes fix their AR reports. We also meet with students to perform degree checks. We want to help them make the most efficient choices so that they can graduate in a timely manner.

So if you are having a difficult time making sense of a student’s AR report, want to clarify matters in regard to a student’s degree requirements, have questions about General Education/Core requirements, or have questions about a 2nd degree or minor outside your area of expertise please feel free to contact us.

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